The Pond

In the early 1900s, Robert Murphy spent summers visiting Jolly's Mill Pond. It became the inspiration for his book, "The Pond" which was later developed into a Disney film.

You can buy your copy of "The Pond" by Robert Murphy at The Jolly's Mill Pond Shop


The House

Built somewhere between 1855 - 1867, the house is a paradox.  It has no running water, but it does have electricity and high speed internet. Don't let the wifi fool you, staying in the house is very similar to living in the 1800s.  You have to pump water from a hand pump, wash in basins, and stoke the fires to stay warm.

Jolly's really is a time machine, sometimes it feels like the 1850s, at others like the 1950s, and when you are streaming your favorite show at night, like a modern home.  These time paradoxes are what make it special.


The Stewardship

My family has had a connection to The Pond since the early 1900s. First as members of a fishing club, and then in the 1950s, as owners. Since then, generations have enjoyed the timeless nature of the place; walking the woods, enjoying the wildlife, learning to hunt, fish, and love living in a simpler time. As such, we feel it is our job to maintain the character of The Pond for future generations.